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The Levamentum Project

Anonymous asked: Are you guys going to be making more size options in the new packers you're making? Love the way they look! But I like my junk a little bigger lol. Thanks again for all the help!

Check out our indegogo page where we show our 2 other sizes we will be making of soft packers!
Hope that helps!




So first off, i pulled this out of the package (which was a plain white poly mailer) and it was inside of a soft packer pouch, which was wrapped in bubblewrap. There was a little piece of paper inside which discribe the tester.

It said ” Thank you for being a TLP Tester. Your job is to write a full review of the product enclosed (Prosthetic Model A). Before you begin, let us tell you a little bit about this product.

Model A has a shaft length of 3.75 inches, that sits snuggly between two 3D testicles. It also has a tab at the top for use with medical adhesive. The model you received is an early test model, were still working out some kinks in our system. The material does have some air bubbles in it, the mold seem is notable, and the tab is not smooth enough for adhesion. We have chosen to send the model for testing because we want to know if our basic design is working for the community.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when reviewing the product:
How is the size? Shaft, and overall.
Do you like the design as a whole?
Are there enough details? (Remember this is a basic packer line)
Do you feel it is realistic?
Is the tab big enough?
Is it comfortable to wear?
Does it stick out awkwardly in anyway?

Once again we would like to thank you for testing our product. We look forward to receiving the link to your review!”

So as addressed in their little paper, the model i got isnt perfect, it does have alot of air bubbles, and you can definately see where they molded it. BUT. In general, its actually pretty nice.

Ive heard some people saying it looks like a limpy, but it really doesnt. The designs are totally different. This is far more realistic in design. I will post a photoset comparing this packer with a few big brand packers to show you how different it is, including limpy, tsw, and even the reelmagic.

First ill talk about the size. I personally like larger packers, but this one has a nice weight to it. Its not like omg heavy, but it feels like somethings there. In pants you cant really see it, and in boxer briefs it looks like a legit flaccid penis. It doesnt stick out weird or anything. It lays so nice and perfectly. The balls fit in a perfect hand cup (like if you cup them, they fit perfectly in your hand) which is how balls should be. This packer has really realistic dimensions of both the shaft and balls. The balls are 3D and one is larger than the other but it is a suttle difference.

Now ill discuss the feel and wear of it. The material they use is nice. It makes the tab super flexible, and the packer moves easily. When you walk it sways with you. The packer is designed to sit nicely on your pubic bone, so the shaft looks like its coming from your body in the right places and the balls can “dangle” below your pubic bone. When you sit or lay down they fall against your body, as would real balls. The balls are a little firm but still can be squished.
And the tab is super durable. Its flexible, but you can pull it and move it every which way and it doesnt rip or distort. To me it almost seems to be the perfect thickness too. Its thick enough to be useful, but not so thick it looks stupid.

As far as the overall appearance is concerned, its nce. Its simple, and theres little details that other people just dont really pay attention to in a basic packer, like the ball hang lines, the connective skin between the balls and shaft. If this didnt have so many damn air bubbles in it, itd be even more gorgeous!

Whats even nicer about this than other models is, it is hand sculpted. Unlike the limpy which was life casted, they sculpted this by hand and still were able to keep the realism and details in it.

Id also like to note that the color is pretty realisitc. I see it as like a nice light brown. They arent asking for color feedback but i just noticed it haha.

To be honest i am a bit impressed with this. For how cheap it will be going for ($45) it is remarkably realistic. And theres no weird shininess to it! (Something i noticed in tsw) i think once they get the molding process down(since thats where the issues with bubbles and the seem and tab come from) that this will be good to go. Other than the little things, i really cant find anything to complain about.

If your interested in helping out this project you can preorder/fundraise one via their indegogo page (which i have a link to on my blog), or donate directly to the project.

If you are interested in being a tester, send them an ask on yheir tumblr! I know they still have a couple theyre looking to ship out.

Have any other questions about the item? Ask me!

The first review of our tester. You can see more from tftm on his blog!

Bullet Briefs Closed

As of this moment we will no longer be selling Bullet Briefs items, other than what we already have on stock. Bullet Briefs has decided to take a new route with their company and will no longer be offering wholesale products to retailers. 

We may or may not be getting products (stps, 3n1s) back in. 


The Levamentum Project

zikami asked: For the pick your poison bundles, can they be made to be a 3-in-1?

At this current moment we are only making packing prosthetics, if everything goes well we will work on making p&p, stps and 3-1s
Hope that helps!


The Packer Project!

In order to complete our packer line and be able to properly create and distribute all products, we have started an Indigogo account for the packer project. You can help us reach our goal by donating to the project.

Once we reach our goal, all contributors will receive a reward for donating. Check out the perks for supporting us on our Indigogo page!


The Levamentum Project

Anonymous asked: Hi, I ordered an STP 8 weeks ago (Feb 8th) and it still says processing when I track the order, any idea how much longer it will be?

Please email us at with your order number and we willgive you an accurate estimate.


Site changs

Beginnin no later than may 1st, we will be drastically be changing our inventory.

Our site will consist of our prosthetics, simple softie packers,stps, and 3n1s (available sizes will change) sailor soft packers, budge boxers and harnesses, dust, and stp kits. We will be clearancing off most of our current inventory to make room for stock of the above items. We are also limiting the number of items we purchase from distributors to a bare minimum. We will be doing this in order to get our processig time from 8 weeks to 2 weeks max.

Wed love to hear from you! If there are any items you would be sad to see us lose, please contact us!


Models A&B-
The dark colored model is model A it is 3.75 inches in length. It features a tab ad well as 3D testicles: the shaft lays flat and will not stick up. The head sits nestle between the testicles.

The light colored model is model B which is 4.75 inches in length. The tip hangs over the testicles slightly. It does not stick up.

The final picture shows colors 1,2,&3 of our color palette that will be available.

We have 1 tester available for model A. It is the one shown in the picture. There are air bubbles in the material but the final product will not have that. There is also 1 tester available for model A that does not have a tab if anyone is interested. Please contact us.

Wed love to have your feedback! If you have any ideas as to how we can better our prosthetics, please let us know! (Other than air bubbles. That is a problem we are aware of and are working on fixing)

The Levamentum Project

maxamusss asked: I was wondering if there would be any testers of the new TLP hand made silicone prosthetics? I would love to volunteer as some of those testers.

There will be a tester available soon. We will be starting with two models, a small(3.75 in) and medium(4.75 in) Both have 3D testicles and tabs. Our first set of testers will be for testing for size,weight, hang, and design. We are working out a few kinks with the molds and material right now. So the testers will most likely have some air bubbles in them.

I will post pictures of the two models shortly! Wed love to hear your feedback on our designs!

A glimpse at our color palette we will be using for our silicone prosthetics. 
They will be monocolored to begin with. Later we will be offering fully colored products. We will offer 7 skin tones. 

A glimpse at our color palette we will be using for our silicone prosthetics. 

They will be monocolored to begin with. Later we will be offering fully colored products. We will offer 7 skin tones. 



We have decided to discontinue carrying sohoeva binders, all previous orders for them will be fulfilled, but after friday no more orders will be taken for the products. We have chosen to remove these items in order to help us keep our processing times down in the future.


The Levamentum Project

Anonymous asked: If my order was from last month, is there a chance it could be in by the end of this month?

Yes! In fact it very well should be! At the rate that we are getting orders out, it looks like we will be able to shorten our processing time from 4-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks by the end of march.


The Levamentum Project

Anonymous asked: Feedback for packers: The balls look massive, there are air bubbles in the head, the shaft looks kind of lumpy/mis-shapen. Please fix these before selling your product.

This is not a final product, it is just a first draft. We will ve posting updates with better versions once produced. This was just to show the direction that we are looking at taking for our line of prosthetics. The material we are using in that photo is not the silicone tht will be used for final products. We used our cheaper silicone just to see how this new mold turned out. The silicone we will actually use is not porous and gets very few holes in it. The “lumpiness” you see is mostly vein detailing that is hard to see without coloring on it.

Weve still got a lot of work with these prosthetics, but this is just a peak at the direction wed like to go in. This model is probably going to run for $45


Sneak peak at the new TLP hand made silicone prosthetics. Your feedback is greatly appreciated

The Levamentum Project

Anonymous asked: I ordered a 3-in-1 packer with the nipple STP over two weeks ago (almost three) and it still says my order is "processing," according to the site processing takes 10-14 days for items out of stock. So, when will I get what I ordered? Is it still not in stock?

Hi there-

As seen by the site and by this page. Our current processing

time is 4-8 weeks, though it may arrive sooner. Please keep an eye on the site for updates about in regards to processing time. 

Hope that helps!